CryptoTrader - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager

CryptoTrader Dashboard is a comprehensive web application designed to empower cryptocurrency enthusiasts with tools to manage and optimize their digital asset portfolios.

EcoBuddy: Sustainable Living App

EcoBuddy is a mobile app that gamifies sustainable living. Users can set eco-friendly goals, track their carbon footprint, and earn virtual rewards for adopting environmentally conscious habits.

FitQuest - AR Fitness Adventure Game

This web application encourages users to embark on thrilling adventures, complete challenges, and achieve fitness goals in an engaging virtual environment.

PixelPerfect Art Gallery

PixelPerfect Art Gallery is an innovative online platform that transcends traditional art exhibition spaces.

NeuralPlaylist - AI Generated Music Recommendations

Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, NeuralPlaylist crafts personalized music recommendations based on users' preferences, moods, and even biometric data.

RoboChef - AI Powered Cooking Guide

RoboChef Recipe Assistant is a groundbreaking mobile application that leverages artificial intelligence to redefine the cooking experience.

TimeWarp - Travel Agency Website

Explore the possibilities of time travel through an immersive website for a fictional travel agency, complete with dynamic destination timelines and interactive historical events.